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    Via della querce, 6a-6b

    50013 Campi di Bisenzio (FI)

    Via Giuseppe Ungaretti, 25

    95014 Giarre (CT)

The Altea Group unites three companies,  each of them with long experience in the production of diagnostic equipment and application and management software, linked to the world of periodical vehicle inspection and vehicle diagnosis in general.

The purpose of the Group is to offer innovative solutions, with particular specialization in the field of periodical vehicle inspection, with the contribution of the skills and competences acquired by each company over the years, to create a single company able to respond to the various needs of the Automotive aftermarket.

The three leading companies today represent, in their field of expertise, the innovation and excellence of "Made in Italy":



Brake testing equipments, both rollers and platform technologies, for all type of circulating vehicles (light and heavy duty vehicles, motorcycles).
[The 1st ever universal car/motorcycle brake tester officially approved]


Equipment for exhaust gas and smoke analysis, rpm-measuring equipment, with wireless communication.
[The 1st ever gas analyzer 100% made in Italy officially approved]


Test-line management software, booking software, automated plaque recognition software.
[the 1st test-line management software with MCTC-NET security approval]

All the companies of the group are already projected to the new challenges laying ahead, without forgetting our past experiences, from which we are developing new products, programs and strategies to maintain and reinforce our leadership.

Altea Group is an experienced and reliable partner for those who wish to tackle, with expert hands, an extremely specialized and complex markets such as the periodic vehicle inspection business and the Automotive aftermarket at large.